Toyota FJ Cruiser Oil Capacity

toyota fj cruiser oil change

A certain amount of engine oil will be consumed while driving. In the following situations, oil consumption may increase, and engine oil may need to be refilled in between oil maintenance intervals.

  • When the engine is new, for example directly after purchasing the vehicle or after replacing the engine;
  • If low quality oil or oil of an inappropriate viscosity is used;
  • When driving at high engine speeds or with a heavy load, when towing, or when driving while accelerating or decelerating frequently;
  • When leaving the engine idling for a long time, or when driving frequently
    through heavy traffic.

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“Toyota Genuine Motor Oil” is used in your Toyota vehicle. Use Toyota approved “Toyota Genuine Motor Oil” or equivalent to satisfy the following grade and viscosity.

Oil grade: ILSAC GF-5 multigrade engine oil:

EngineOil capacityOil type (viscosity)

2007-2010 1GR-FE  4.0L V6

Oil filter cap assembly

Oil filter

With filter – 5.2 L (5.5 qt., 4.6 Imp.qt.)

Without filter – 4.9 L (5.2 qt., 4.3 Imp.qt.)

SAE 5W-30

SAE 10W-30

2010-2017 1GR-FE

Oil filter cap assembly

Oil filter


With filter – 6.4 qt. (6.1 L, 5.4 Imp.qt.)

Without filter – 6.0 qt. (5.7 L, 5.0 Imp.qt.)

SAE 0W-20

SAE 5W-20

for Toyota 01-14 4Runner Tundra FJ Cruiser V6 4.0L 1GR-FE Engine cleaner Oil Filter
  • for Toyota 01-14 4Runner Tundra FJ Cruiser V6 4.0L 1GR-FE Engine cleaner Oil Filter

The engine oil capacity is a reference quantity to be used when changing the engine oil. Warm up and turn off the engine, wait more than 5 minutes, and check the oil level on the dipstick.

Oil change intervals: 10,000 miles (16,000 km) or 12 months.

Oil consumption:

  • The amount of engine oil consumed depends on the oil viscosity, the quality of the oil and the way the vehicle is driven.
  • More oil is consumed under driving conditions such as high speeds and frequent acceleration and deceleration.
  • A new engine consumes more oil.
  • When judging the amount of oil consumption, keep in mind that the oil may have become diluted, making it difficult to judge the true level accurately.
  • Oil consumption: Max. 1.1 qt./600 miles (0.9 lmp.qt./600 miles, 1.0 L per 1000 km)
  • If you consume more than 1.1 qt. (1.0 L, 0.9 lmp. qt.) every 600 miles (1000 km), contact your Toyota dealer.

How to change the oil in 2007-2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser

After changing the engine oil (the U.S.A. only)

The oil change system should be reset. Perform the following procedures:

  • Turn the engine switch off with the odometer reading shown.
  • Turn the engine switch to the ON position while holding down the trip meter reset button.
  • Continue to press and hold the button until the odometer displays 000000.

If the system fails to reset, the light will continue flashing.

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