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The engine in your Audi is a sophisticated power plant that was built to exacting specifications. This engine needs the right kind of engine oil that meets specifications regarding quality and viscosity so that it can run smoothly and reliably.

The engine in your Audi needs the right kind of oil!

Choosing the right oil and changing oil within the time and mileage intervals printed in your vehicle’s Warranty & Maintenance booklet matters a lot more today than it did years ago. Audi has developed a special quality standard for engine oil that will help assure that your vehicle’s engine will get the lubrication it needs for proper operation.

Modern engine lubrication has taken a quantum leap in the last few years. Many synthetic oils available today provide better engine lubrication that can outlast traditional petroleum-based oils, making them a smart choice for use throughout the life of your Audi.


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The engine oil pressure symbol is not an indicator of a low engine oil level. Do not rely on it. Instead, check the oil level in your engine at regular intervals, preferably each time you refuel, and always before going on a long trip.

The yellow oil level warning indication requires an oil refill or workshop service without delay. Do not wait until the red oil pressure warning. start s to flash before you respond to the low oil level warning m. By then, your engine may already have suffered serious damage.

EngineOil capacity with a filter change, quarts (liters) Oil type (viscosity)
Q3 2.0, 4 cylinder4.9 (4,6)

SAE 5W40,

SAE 5W-30,

SAE 0W-40

Audi recommends Longlife high-performance engine oil from Audi Genuine Parts.

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EngineOil capacity with a filter change, quarts (liters) Oil type (viscosity)
Q3 2.0, 4 cylinder 6.0 qt (5.7 L)SAE 0W-30, SAE 5W-30 or SAE 5W-40
Genuine Audi (06J115403Q) Oil Filter
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Genuine Audi (06J115403Q) Oil Filter
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Engine oil consumption

The engine in your vehicle depends on an adequate amount of oil to lubricate and cool all of its moving parts.

In order to provide effective lubrication and cooling of internal engine components, all internal combustion engines consume a certain amount of oil. Oil consumption varies from engine to engine and may change significantly over the life of the engine.

Typically, engines with a specified break-in period (see ¢ page 57) consume more oil during the break-in period than they consume after oil consumption has stabilized.

Under normal conditions, the rate of oil consumption depends on the quality and viscosity of the oil, the RPM (revolutions per minute) at which the engine is operated, the ambient temperature and road conditions.Further factors are the amount of oil dilution from water condensation or fuel residue and the oxidation level of the oil.

As any engine is subject to wear as mileage builds up, the oil consumption may increase over time until the replacement of worn components may become necessary.

If the yellow engine oil level warning symbol in the instrument cluster lights up, you should check the oil level as soon as possible.

The engine oil consumption may be up to 0.5 quart/600 miles (0.5 liter/1,000 km), depending on driving style and operating conditions.

Consumption may be higher during the first 3,000 miles (5,000 km). The engine oil level must be checked regularly. It would be best to check each time you refuel your vehicle and before long drives.


Oil change intervals

You should change oil and replace the oil filter every 10,000 miles (15,000 km) or 12 months. Up-to-date service info can be checked here.

Engine oil change in Audi Q3

We recommend that have your oil changed by an authorized Audi dealer or a qualified service station.

The engine oil must be changed according to the intervals specified in your Warranty & Maintenance booklet. This is very important because the lubricating properties of oil diminish gradually during normal vehicle use. Under some circumstances, the engine oil should be changed more frequently.

Change oil more often if you drive mostly short distances, operate the vehicle in dusty areas or under predominantly stop-and-go traffic conditions, or have your vehicle where temperatures remain below freezing for extended periods.

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