Nissan Juke Oil Capacity

nissan juke oil change

The oil level should be checked regularly. Operating the engine with an insufficient amount of oil can damage the engine, and such damage is not covered by the warranty.

It is normal to add some oil between oil maintenance intervals or during the break-in period, depending on the severity of operating conditions.


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EngineOil capacity with filterViscosity type
NISMO RS model4.3 (4-1/2 US qt.)5W-30
Other models4.5 (4-3/4 US qt.)0W-20


Oil change interval: every 5000 miles (8000 km) or 6 months

Drain plug tightening torque:

  • 22 to 29 ft-lb (29 to 39 N·m)

Oil filter tightening torque:

  • 11 to 15 ft-lb (14.7 to 20.5 N·m)

How to change the motor oil in Nissan Juke 2010-2021


Nismo model engine



Nissan Juke


Engine oil and filter recommendations


Selecting the correct oil

It is essential to choose the correct grade, quality, and viscosity engine oil to ensure satisfactory engine life and performance, see “Capacities and recommended fluids/lubricants” NISSAN recommends the use of an energy-conserving oil in order to improve fuel economy.

Select only engine oils that meet the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification or International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) certification and SAE viscosity standard. These oils have the API certification mark on the front of the container. Oils that do not have the specified quality label should not be used as they could cause engine damage.


Oil additives

NISSAN does not recommend the use of oil additives. The use of an oil additive is not necessary when the proper oil type is used and maintenance intervals are followed. The oil that may contain foreign matter or has been previously used should not be used.


Oil viscosity

The engine oil viscosity or thickness changes with temperature. Because of this, it is important to select the engine oil viscosity based on the temperatures at which the vehicle will be operated before the next oil change. Choosing an oil viscosity other than that recommended could cause serious engine damage.


Selecting the correct oil filter

Your new NISSAN vehicle is equipped with a high-quality genuine NISSAN oil filter. When replacing, use a genuine NISSAN oil filter or its equivalent for the reason described in “Change intervals”.

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Change intervals

The oil and oil filter change intervals for your engine are based on the use of the specified quality oils and filters. Using an engine oil and filter other than the specified quality, or exceeding recommended oil and filter change intervals could reduce engine life.

Damage to the engine caused by improper maintenance or use of incorrect oil and filter quality and/or viscosity is not covered by the NISSAN new vehicle limited warranty. Your engine was filled with a high-quality engine oil when it was built. You do not have to change the oil before the first recommended change interval.

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